Ultimate Radio Controlled Semi Trucks

When it comes to building the ultimate radio controlled model semi trucks Ingmar Spijkhoven from the Netherlands and Luca Bordin from Italy are in a class of their own. No off the shelf kit truck will do for these guys.

For Ingmar the creative unit of choice is Lego. Since 1949 over four hundred billion Lego blocks have been produced and sold worldwide, that's around fifty two blocks for every person on Earth. But this Lego is not all standard pieces as Ingmar has a friend who knows the owner of a factory with chrome plating facilities. The vapours chrome various plastic parts for added detail. Ingmar's North American styled 1:17.5 scale radio controlled models feature working winches, landing legs and fifth wheels for a realistic effect. Ingmar has also built an easyloader Elphinstone road train logging combination, a Kenworth 953 6x6 oil field truck along with various other radio controlled trucks, trailers and earth moving equipment. All are outstanding in their detail, mechanical function and presentation.

For more on Ingmar's 2LegoOrNot2Lego custom models see below and also check out his MocPage, BrickShelf Page, Flickr Page or the YouTube Channel.

Luca's a professional graphic designer who began this 1:4 scale classic Peterbilt 359 project with a 3D AutoCAD design. Building the giant rig then took more than two thousand hours over a two year period to complete. The 359 weighs 180kg and uses three gel batteries for power. The chassis is made out of tube steel and uses inflated trolley wheels. The fibreglass cab and sleeper was fabricated using a wooden mould then airbrushed with custom graphics. The chrome parts are all handmade to an exacting detail. This super sized Peterbilt model features an electric drive motor capable of towing a car, working air horn with compressor, LED lights, Tamiya sound module with an amplifier, exhaust smoke, fail safe servo motors and a safety cut out switch. The plywood NASCAR styled enclosed van trailer features an electric actuated slide out JBL 1200w video entertainment system, a solar panel for recharging and a retractable driver's seat. Talk about WOW factor.

For more on Luca's 359 see below and check out the Peterbilt359rc Website or the YouTube Channel.

Ingmar Spijkhoven's Lego Logger Loaded Ingmar Spijkhoven's Lego Model USA Semi Trucks Lego Model Semi with a 953 Kenworth 6x6 Lego Model Kenworth 953 6x6 Oil Field Truck
Ingmar Spijkhoven's Lego Logger Ingmar Spijkhoven's Lego Radio Controlled Model Elphinstone Road Train Trailers  width= Ingmar Spijkhoven Lego Heavy Haulage Low loader Model Truck Ingmar Spijkhoven Lego Heavy Haulage Model Truck Lego Semi Truck with Logging Trailer by Ingmar Spijkhoven
Ingmar Spijkhoven Lego USA Semi Truck Model Ingmar Spijkhoven Lego USA Semi Truck Rear View Ingmar Spijkhoven Lego Semi Truck with Winch Luca Bordin Classis  359 Radio Controlled Peterbilt with NASCAR styled Van Trailer Luca Bordin Peterbilt Model with it's 1200w Entertainment Unit
Tamiya 1/14 Scale Radio Controlled Semi Trucks

King HaulerIf creating unique RC trucks like Ingmar and Luca is a bit beyond your capabilities then consider building and customizing a Tamiya 1/14 Scale R/C Truck. These kits are exceptionally well produced and feature an electric motor with a three speed manual servo shift gearbox. Tamiya have a range of different tractor and trailer configurations available to choose from. The King Hauler kit with enclosed van trailer combination comes in at around 1.3 metres long. The multi function unit includes sound effects and lights. There is also a motorized trailer leg option for hitching up the trailer. Most of the kit is assembled using circlips, nuts and bolts with only minimal plastic parts requiring glue. However the cab does require painting. Construction is a rewarding and enjoyable experience with a comprehensive instruction booklet included in the kit.

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